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April 29, 2015

All of us are shocked by the news reaching us from Nepal.

Our association chairwoman, Judith Rohner, was in Kathmandu on the day the earthquake took place. Today she sent us a message of which we publish an extract below. The news is somewhat reassuring for our schools, on a background of catastrophic general situation.

"You have read innumerable news on the immense catastrophe which struck Nepal last Saturday slightly before noon. And you have seen pictures of devastated villages, of crowded hospitals. One counts thousands of victims. Dantean.

After the first huge shock, followed by other somewhat smaller tremors, KTM has been transformed into a damaged town. Grey, dusty, desert, lots of wreckage, walls fallen down, houses and temples collapsed. I had the chance to share the 3 days following the earthquake with the family of my friend Mohinee. We spent the nights on the side of the road, in an open camping with 250 other people or else at 13 in a small room on the ground floor to allow us to come out again if needed.

In front of the scale of the catastrophe, it is impossible to individually make yourself useful. Telephone contacts difficult or blocked. All I know is that at Marpha and at Tukuche nobody was hurt and that at BABS they camp in the yard. The building of the dining hall would be fissured. [...]"

Judith Rohner

   Dans un quartier de Kathmandu (mai 2015)

Call for solidarity

Thanks to our local contacts, we will be able to contribute to urgent help and for this we call for your generosity.

If you wish to make a donation, here is our banking information (Mention : Earthquake) : 

Banque Cantonale de Genève
CCP 12-1-2
Compte T 1654.44.11
Enfants Népalais - Parrainages Scolaires
IBAN/BCGE : CH0900788000T16544411


Support literacy in Nepal

Education is the basis of development.

Being able to read and write is the key to escape the poverty trap.

In Nepal, many children still have no access to basic education.

We make a small sustainable contribution in the fight against poverty by facilitating access to education for children coming from deprived families.

BABS class IMG 0351

Established in 1992, our association is looking for sponsors who are willing to commit themselves for a minimal period of 4 years.

At the moment our association supports about a hundred children in BABS (Buddha Academy Boarding School) and about 140 in the villages.



The ENPS blog is intended as an extension of the official site of our association, containing additional news from Nepal and our Nepalese friends.

Discover it by clicking on the image below :



See our Newsletter 2015 (in French)

May 23, 2015

Here is the last message that Durga D. Dhakal, our local partner in Marpha (Mustang), has sent us :

“Thank you for your e-mail (…). Similarly I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your kind concern about our school, about myself and about all the friends including the Nepalese who are panic driven at present. (…)

In regard to the school and hostel buildings, we have requested concerned authorities to send the engineer. Till now they have not sent. You know the Nepalese system. Any way, we had staff and school management committee meeting together to take immediate steps. By the meeting it has been decided to build 6 more temporary classrooms as far as there is danger of earthquake. (…)

We are waiting for the government’s decision for repairing the damaged classrooms as necessary. Lets hope, everything will be done on time.”

May 4, 2015

The children, teachers and the whole staff of the Buddha Academy Boarding School (BABS) in Joparti, Kathmandu, are safe and sound. Some children have joint their family, but more than 170 children remain at the school.

BABS après le séisme (mai 2015)

The direction of BABS is worried about the health of the children, the food supply and the bad conditions of some buildings with deeply cracked walls.

The village of Tilpung also suffered much from the earthquake. Many inhabitants have lost their house and live outside, with a need of food and of tents to shield.


We will publish further information on the ENPS blog as soon as we know more.